Psychosomatic Disorders, When the Mind Cause Physical Disease

Stress is a common thing that happens to everyone. However, be careful if stress is left because it can cause various health problems, including psychosomatic disorders. Disease can appear or even worsen certain physical symptoms or complaints, such as pain. Psychosomatic consists of two words, mind (psyche) and body (soma). Psychosomatic disorders are diseases that involve the mind and body, where the mind affects the body until the disease appears or becomes worse. The term psychosomatic disorders is used to express physical complaints that are thought to be caused or made worse by psychological or mental factors, such as stress and anxiety. While in psychological terms, psychosomatic or "functional" disease is a condition that causes pain and problems in bodily functions, although no abnormalities are found on physical examination, or supporting examinations such as X-rays or blood tests. How Does Mind Affect Disease? As is known, the mind can cause symptoms or chang
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